Rain:  I’m afraid to even ask what a “GobbleWonker” is…

Sugar: Ms. Raiiiinnnn!  Who are you talking to?  Hurry up and pick something!

Rain: Do you have a costume picked out? :D

Sugar: Do YOU?

[for those who find it difficult to read the text for the Alicorn]

"Rain… Do you understand…?  I wonder…"

"I am truly sorry.  It is all my fault… If I had enough strength, this would have never happened."

"This is no time for regret, however… I live through you but my power fades as you lose your way…"

"I can’t allow you to give in so easily.  Chaos cannot win.  I’m sorry… but I have to force you to remember."

"Remember me, my dear… sweet Rain… I beg of you."